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Who knew a divine encounter between two unknown greats would lead to this? On June 26, Dr. Intimacy and Casey Inspires were both guests on the 1st and 10 radio broadcast with Big Husky. They hit it off immediately and the flow of conversation between them was an engaging fire. Less than 1 month later, Dr. Intimacy and Casey Inspires will be launching their very own show called Inspiring Intimacy!

On the Inspiring Intimacy Talk Radio Show, you will hear engaging dialogue, exploring the naked truth about life, love and intimacy. You will also hear positive songs and artists, inspirng you to live your best lift now. 

Inspiring Intimacy will LAUNCH JULY 15th and air live every Wednesday from 9pm to 11pm CST, on the Fishbowl Radio Network (FBRN), in the Blue Bowl. You can tune into the show by visiting or you can download the TuneIn app on your phone and search for FBRN Blue Bowl. 

Reach out to us on social media through the week and send us your questions or let us know what you'd like to hear a show about. If you make inspirational music, send us your songs so we can support what you're doing. Then, call in live with your questions during the show so we can connect and SHARE LIFE!

Call-in Line: 214-431-5062



Connect with Inspiring Intimacy every Wednesday at 9pm CST on FBRN in the Blue Bowl. Let's share life!
Visit Casey and Dr. Intimacy on Facebook and Twitter to submit questions and comments for the show! E-mail your songs for playback!
Check out the Inspiring Intimacy show every Wednesday from 9pm to 11pm CST on Fishbowl Radio Network, in the blue bowl!

Tune in to Inspiring Intimacy!