Mission Statement: 
LOVE Insights International will be The Consuming Glory of LOVE Revealed, in the earth and to the world with effectual, transforming, supernatural power!

Here at LOVE Insights International, our mission is to gain complete insight into what Love is – the raw and gritty reality of Love that is rarely explored or discussed; the powerful core essence of Love that is the driving and sustaining force of life itself; what Love actually is, and what it truthfully looks like in operation. We will diligently pursue to know, embrace and become the full depth, height and width of every element and dimension of Love – THE VERY GLORY OF LOVE. 

We believe the revealed Glory of Love drastically impacts and supernaturally transforms people. We strive to become the very embodiment of this Love and to share the necessary insights for others to become this embodiment as well, effecting every person we come in contact with, causing them to experience and share the consuming glory of revealed Love. Love is a burning fire that consumes everything it touches; we will be that fire. This is our aim, our great quest – to eagerly pursue and seek to acquire This LOVE. 

If you are ready for the supernatural power of revealed Love to transform your life, join our mission. Connect with LOVE Insights International on social media and be sure to sign up for community alerts so we can pursue The Consuming Glory of Love Revealed together. 

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We believe the revealed Glory of LOVE drastically impacts and supernaturally transforms people and that a commitment to release this type of glorious LOVE in the earth will impact the world.
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Our Mission
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