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Are you looking for some one-on-one insight from Dr. Intimacy? Maybe just a single session or perhaps an on-going series of sessions? These are what I call Personal Insight Sessions, my own brand of what is commonly referred to as life coaching.  I could simply call it life-coaching, but what you will experience in a Personal Insight Session with me is far different from the typical life-coaching interaction. One major difference will be the concentrated focus on your sexual behavior and relationships. 

I will be adding more details to this page soon, but if you would like to request a Personal Insight Session please use the button below to contact me. Please do not share personal details as these requests are screened by my Administrator. You can share more in depth when a session is scheduled. 

Also, you can now speak with me live on the air every Wednesday on the Inspiring Intimacy Radio Show. Be sure to call or write in!

In the Power of Love,
Dr. Intimacy

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Check out the Inspiring Intimacy show every Wednesday from 9pm to 11pm CST on Fishbowl Radio Network, in the blue bowl!

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